Here's what some of our attendees had to say about past DONA International conferences:

"Excellent conference and speakers. It was great to be able to interact with the Founders and BOD all were approachable and friendly. ... This convention has made me very enthusiastic about going home and promoting DONA especially knowing that DONA is standing behind me. Thank you for this great opportunity."

"Enjoyed the slide show and the entire conference. Quality of speakers were excellent!"

"This was my first doula conference. Already I can't wait until next year. It was so exciting to meet and hear from the Drs/ authors of the books I have read and continue to refer to. ... There were some speakers that I felt the clock played tricks on us. The time went by too, too fast."

"Great conference, learned a lot."

"Loved everything overall such a warmth and feel of community – nutritious food."

"I am so impressed with how this conference has been organized! It's the friendliest, most informative conference I have ever been to, and I can tell that the organizers worked incredibly hard and were very dedicated to making it run smoothly. THANK YOU!"

"My first conference, I will be back!!"

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This is a perfect opportunity to market your company to over 400 birth and postpartum doulas, birth and parenting educators, lactation professionals, nurses, midwives, physicians, massage therapists, family advocates, and others interested in the childbearing year all at one exciting conference!

The DONA International Annual Conferences are fun, rewarding, and exciting! Over 400 maternity care professionals are expected to register, and they all look forward to visiting each and every exhibit. The majority of our participants are doulas, birth and postpartum support professionals who work directly with mothers, fathers, babies, siblings, and other health care providers. Birth doula services usually include prenatal visits, attendance at labor and birth, lactation support, and follow-up postpartum contact. Postpartum doulas meet prenatally with clients and work with the family following the birth providing support for breastfeeding, newborn care, siblings and other support in adjusting to the new family dynamics. Because the doula profession continues to grow, the market is open for many opportunities for product education. DONA International is the largest doula organization in the world with over 7,000 members. Many of our member doulas are also childbirth educators, lactation consultants, massage therapists, nurses, and parent educators. Make your presence and products known to our registrants and expectant new families with whom these professionals work throughout the year by becoming a sponsor, exhibitor or advertiser.

To sponsor or exhibit at the 2012 DONA International Conference, click here to download the 2012 Sponsor/Exhibitor/Advertiser Prospectus.

For specific questions about the conference or registration, call the DONA International Home Office at 888.788.DONA(3662) or email