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Postpartum Doula Recertification

Alternatives to Continuing Education

We want to make recertification available and affordable. To that end, we approve of the following alternatives for all or part of the continuing education requirement for recertification (for a total of 18 points or contact hours):

  1. Attendance at an organized educational event not offering contact hours, or not sponsored by a recognized organization.
    Form F (1 contact hour = one point/ maximum 5 points)
    Document with a certificate of attendance or verification of attendance form signed by instructor/administrator.
  2. Give a presentation on postpartum doulas support to a local hospital, birth center, parents’ group or doula group.
    Form G (2 points/ maximum 4 points)
    Document with a copy of objectives, outline and evaluations from presentation. DONA International does not supply evaluation forms; doula must provide evaluation forms at presentation.
  3. Independent study.
    Form H (1 point per book or article packet/maximum 5 points)
    Document with a synopsis of information contained in the book/articles.
  4. Observation of lactation consultant or doula working with clients. Form I (4 hours of observation = 1 point/maximum 4 points)
  5. Preceptor for postpartum doula-in-training.
    Form J (5 points per doula-in-training/birth/maximum 10 points)
    Document with verification form completed by a doula in training, client and recertifying doula.
  6. Write, submit and have published an article in International Doula or other recognized childbearing publication.
    Form K (4 points/maximum 8 points)
    Document with a photocopy of article with your byline.
  7. Attend a support group or meeting relating to the childbearing year or parenting.
    Form L (1 point per meeting/maximum 5 points)
    Document with verification form (includes information such as number attending, topic covered, length of meeting, etc.) and verification of attendance form signed by group leader/facilitator.
  8. Listen to DONA International Conference tape.
    Form M (1 contact hour = 1 point/maximum 6 points)
    Document with the purchase of a tape from DONA International, a synopsis of the information covered in the tape. Not all tapes can be used for recertification.
  9. Attend a DONA International-approved Birth Doula Training taught by someone other than the original trainer, or a DONA International-approved Postpartum Training.
    Form N (1 complete training = 15 alternative points)
    Document with verification form and a certificate of attendance.
    Please note: If training is a postprtum doula training, it must be taught by a different instructor than your original postpartum doula training.

Postpartum Recertification Forms





Postpartum Doula
Recertification Forms

Review the various status information to determine which forms are right for your situation.

Active Status
Inactive Status
Inactive to Active Status
Alternative Continuing Education

Click here for Postpartum Recertification Forms

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