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DONA International Approved Trainer
Code of Conduct

To assure quality and ethical practice, DONA International has established a Code of Conduct for DONA International Approved Trainers, and a process by which unethical or other objectionable practice may be addressed. Trainers who do not adhere to the Trainer Code of Conduct may be suspended or have their approval revoked.

DONA International reserves the right to approve, in its best judgment, those trainers who best represent DONA International; uphold and value DONA International’s Mission, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; and meet or exceed all other trainer requirements.

Code of Ethics
The trainer participates in the efforts of the doula profession and upholds DONA International’s Mission, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to improve the care of childbearing families.

The trainer safeguards the trainees’ rights to privacy by protecting information of a confidential nature. However in the case of acute concern regarding a trainee, the trainer may consult with the DONA International Education Committee.

The trainer is a consumer advocate who promotes informed decision-making, the independence and competence of clients, and the collaboration of clients with the health care team.

The trainer demonstrates respect of clients in the way she discusses women’s circumstances, needs, and difficulties.

The trainer protects the privacy of clients, doulas and caregivers by demonstrating confidentiality in the anecdotes she uses in her teaching.

The trainer should, at all times, be fair, respectful and courteous to fellow trainers and DONA International volunteers and employees.

The trainer assumes responsibility and accountability for her individual judgments and actions.

Standards of Practice
The trainer agrees to teach a DONA International approved curriculum and to promote DONA International Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics throughout each workshop. This includes adhering to all approved prerequisites, essential core information, and required hours of instruction.

The trainer agrees to keep the Education Committee up-to-date on any changes to their curriculum, handouts or speakers, and to submit training evaluations and annual reports as requested by the Education Committee.

The trainer agrees to provide training materials that are approved, current and meet DONA International’s standards for a quality presentation.

The trainer agrees to practice according to DONA International’s Education policies for trainers.

The trainer agrees to comply with the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

The trainer maintains competence in the field of childbirth and/or postpartum support by actively participating as a doula (as required) and through formal continuing education, thereby incorporating new evidenced-based information into her doula training.

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Trainer Code of Conduct 
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Trainer Code of Conduct
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