While it would be wonderful if every DONA International member could attend the annual conference, given our commitments to clients, families, and budgets, it isn’t possible. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn the continuing education contact hours for recertification. You can join the conference right from your own home via the Virtual Conference. Join two, three, five, or eight sessions of the joint Confluence with Lamaze International without leaving home. You can see the package options on the 2014 Joint Confluence Website (link).
Don’t forget about those alternative contact hour options, as well. The DONA Doula Chronicles posted a series this summer on alternative contact hour options for both birth and postpartum doulas. Check out these posts for over a dozen ways to earn contact hours – many of which require very little financial investment:

Ode to Alternative Contact Hours

Teaching & Sharing

Reading, Writing & Research

Audio, Video & Online