Are you working to advance the maternal-child field? Know a doula who is? The deadline to submit for the Advanced Doula designation is fast approaching! Apply by May 31, 2016 for consideration. Your next opportunity to apply won’t come again until May 2017, so don’t miss out!

The Advanced Doula designation was unveiled by DONA International last year as a new credential for veteran doulas who are leading the advancement of our field through additional expertise, commitment to their communities and publication. A higher level designation is granted in many professions to credit those who are leaders in the field. Advanced Doulas receive the lifetime credentials Doula AdvCD(DONA) and/or AdvPCD(DONA). The inaugural class of 2015 included doulas with a broad range of backgrounds and expertise demonstrating the growth of the professional birth and postpartum field.

New to the eligibility criteria this year, applicants who have not published writing on a related topic (criteria #3 below) may be considered if they have presented on a topic related to doulas, birth, breastfeeding, parenting or the postpartum period at a national or international conference. This change was made to reflect the value and contribution of teaching others and acknowledge that recognition as a presenter on the national or international stage demonstrates expertise and advancement of the field. Applicants who have both published writing and been a national or international presenter are encouraged to include all publications and presentations in their submission.

Eligibility Requirements for Advanced Doula Designation 2016:

1) Certification: Achieved and maintained certification in good standing with DONA International for at least two consecutive certification periods (6 years)

While a DONA certified doula in good standing, applicants will have also:
2) Pursued additional training, certification and/or licensure in a related field.

3) Published a book, magazine article or professional blog post (other than on their own personal or business blog) AND/OR presented at a national or international conference on a topic related to doulas, birth, breastfeeding, parenting or the postpartum period.

4) Made a major contribution to advance the mission and purpose of DONA International, the recognition of doulas and/or the maternal-child field locally, regionally and/or internationally beyond that which supports their own personal or business endeavors.

Please note that criteria 2, 3 and 4 must have taken place while certified by DONA International.


Advanced Doula page.

2015 Advanced Doulas Slideshow is a great source of inspiration sharing brief bios of each member of the inaugural class.