During the 2015 Annual Conference, a new credential was unveiled for veteran doulas working to advance the maternal-child field. Beginning this fall, we will see doulas using the AdvCD(DONA) and/or AdvPCD(DONA) designation after their names. These credentials indicate a doula is an Advanced Certified Doula with DONA International. DONA International Board of Directors President, Sunday Tortelli explains:

“Doulas who have invested time, energy and effort to maintain their certification, promote the doula profession, further the maternal-child field, pursue additional training or licensure and publish on topics for or related to doula work are making important contributions to the advancement of our field. These doulas deserve special recognition and to be easily identified as the doula leaders they are within the birth community. We hope this new designation will encourage doulas to continue to learn, grow and share with others.” – Sunday Tortelli, President, DONA International Board of Directors

To be eligible for the Advanced Doula designation, doulas must meet all of the following criteria:

1) Certification: Achieved and maintained certification in good standing with DONA International for at least two consecutive certification periods (6 years)

While a DONA certified doula in good standing, applicants will have also:

2) Pursued additional training, certification and/or licensure in a related field.

3) Published a book, magazine article or professional blog post (other than on their own personal or business blog) on a topic related to doulas, birth, breastfeeding, parenting or the postpartum period.

4) Made a major contribution to advance the mission and purpose of DONA International, the recognition of doulas and/or the maternal-child field locally, regionally and/or internationally beyond that which supports their own personal or business endeavors.

Please note that criteria 2, 3 and 4 must have taken place while certified by DONA International.

Applications will be accepted through September 15, 2015. Selected doulas will be notified by October 30, 2015. Doulas receiving the Advanced Doula designation in 2015 will be honored on the DONA International website, publications, social media and with a video to be published on YouTube.

Beginning next year, applications will only be accepted during International Doula Month (May) each year and honored at the annual conference in addition to recognition via DONA International publications and media.

For additional information, view the Eligibility and Application Procedure document and the Application.

This designation is an important recognition for doulas who are leading the advancement of our field and will demonstrate their additional expertise and commitment to their communities and the wider birth community. Good luck to all those who apply! We will feature the selected doulas here on The DONA Doula Chronicles this fall.