In honor of Mother’s Day, which is being celebrated today in the United States, I asked doulas to ask their children “what does a doula do?” The kids’ answers are very funny, but also, often remarkably accurate,  Wishing those of you who identify as mothers, either by birth, adoption or actions, a very happy Mother’s Day. I am hoping that you get to spend it with those you love. Thank you for helping other families ease into the job of being mothers (and fathers and parents) with a little more grace and support. To all who submitted – thank you. Unfortunately, I was not able to use all the amazing entries due to space limitations. Please share your submissions in the comments below.

“Doulas just sit there”- Lyndi, 9  (daughter of Korin White, CD(DONA), CCCE, CLC, Evidence-Based Birth ® Instructor)

“Same thing as a midwife. (What does a midwife do?) They help babies come out. (How do they do that?) by pulling them gently. And they go to meetings. Births are a kind of meeting. Because you meet a little baby.” Peter, 4 (son of Katie Collins, CD(DONA))

“Help give people support when they have babies. You don’t take the baby out, just let the mom squeeze your hand so she’s not so scared.”  Tristan, 7 (son of Lena Ware, Doula)


What would your child say if they were asked: “What does a doula do?”  Please share in the comments below.  I can’t wait to read more answers.