Sometimes a doula needs a little help and not just from anyone, but someone with specific knowledge to solve our challenge or get us the resource that we need. In our work, we know the value of having a trusted source of information. There are many people at DONA International who can help you! We’ve curated a list of all of your contacts from the home office to your local representative. You can find the most up-to-date list anytime at

Insider Tip:

Need help accessing the Member Center of the website to check your membership status or update your information? Not getting DONA International emails including the eDoula newsletter? Contact with your full name as it is likely to be listed in our records, your mailing address and any alternative email addresses that may be linked to your account or membership.

State/Provincial/Area Representatives (SPARs)

These wonderful volunteers are often the best first contact, particularly for questions related to your local area or DONA International in general. Check the full list at (under The DONA Advantage: Staff & Leadership, scroll down to the bottom of the page) to find your local contact. Don’t see a name for your state, province or area? That means there is a vacancy in your area. Can you support other local DONA International members? Know of a great doula who would be wonderful in that role? Contact the Regional Director for your location to get your question answered, apply to be your area’s SPAR or get information to pass along to someone who can help fill that role.

Regional Directors

These doulas  are members of the DONA International Board of Directors and represent several states, provinces or even countries. Feel free to reach out to your Regional Director with questions about policies, procedures, communications or events. They can also help connect you with the right person to address your needs if you aren’t sure who at DONA to contact.

(Interim ) Yana Katzap-Nackman –

Denise Bolds –

Tonya Danielle –

Karen Palumbo –

Yana Katzap-Nackman –

Royah Khorsandi –

Rachel Parris –

Ana Paula Markel (Interim) –

Board of Directors

The DONA International Board of Directors provides leadership and direction for the organization with each Board member focusing on her particular role or area of service. The following positions on the board aren’t regional or area specific (except International Development) and are a great resource if your question or need is about something specific like certification.

Virginia Rivenbark, President –

Ana Paula Markel, President Elect –

Ann Pollack, Treasurer –

HeatherGail Lovejoy, Past President – Pastpresident@donaorg

Michael Chan, Executive Director –

Johanna D’Aleo, Director of Certification –

Kyndal May, Director of Education –

Sherri Wilkerson, Director of Publications –

Melissa Harley, Director of Marketing/Public Relations –

Ana Paula Markel, Director of International Development –

Ravae Sinclair, Intercultural Director –

Other Contacts: Coordinators, Chairs, Editors

Ravae Sinclair, Grievance Chair –

Virginia Rivenbark, Third Party Reimbursement Coordinator –

Vacant, Referral Committee Coordinator –

Susan Troy, International Doula Managing Editor –

Leslee Bolden, eDoula Newsletter Editor –

Sharon Muza Gordon, DONA Blog Manager –

Robin Elise Weiss, Social Media Manager –