Interior Hero

Karen Faulk

Mexico Regional Director

Karen Faulk has been a DONA certified doula since 2012, and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator since 2014. She has worked for the Birth Circle in Pittsburgh, a birth doula agency providing doula service free of charge to low-income women. She is also a cultural anthropologist, specializing in issues of justice and human rights. She has native-level fluency in Spanish, and has periodically lived and done research in Latin America for over two decades. Throughout both her doula and her anthropological work, she is interested in the importance of attention to cultural and sociocultural competency in maternity care.

As Mexico Regional Director, Karen strives to encourage and promote inclusiveness among doulas in Mexico in multiple ways.  Her goals for the position include increasing the visibility of DONA as a certifying organization to doulas and to maternity care providers; supporting doulas and the area representatives (SPAR) in getting the appropriate training and resources needed for certifying; increasing access to continuing education opportunities for certified doulas; facilitating certification possibilities for women of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds; and supporting opportunities for doulas to reflect on and develop skills for working to mitigate the effects of structural inequalities in their local maternity care system.

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