DONA International is celebrating their 25th year as a doula organization in 2017.  I am proud to say that DONA has never been so strong and vibrant, so full of potential and so primed and ready to carry the doula profession forward into the next 25 years and beyond on an international level.  As a DONA member for 14 years, I am excited to see DONA stepping up their advocacy game, collaborating with professional and research organizations and growing their membership with the most talented and professional doulas out there.

“I enjoyed the interaction and sense of community that IS DONA – being on the BOD offered greater opportunities to interact with members.

Deeply thankful for learning more about the manner in which DONA’s administration works. DONA’s corporate structure was well thought out by our founders and continues, with assistance from Bostrom, our management company to evolve and grow into a vibrant 21st century organization.

Working together with other members of the BOD was a blast! Being a member of the BOD is a lot of work, but worth every minute. In my first term in the 1990’s, DONA was in its infancy and just as caring for a newborn requires late nights and many hours, there was much to do. In my second term, 2014 – 2017, foundations had been laid but tasks such as launching the website and making creative changes reinforced that DONA is here to stay!”  Linda Worzer, BME, IBCLC, RLC, AdvCD/BDT(DONA), AAHCC

Apply for a Board of Directors position

This pride in our organization is why, on behalf of the current Board of Directors, all of our membership and myself, I would like to invite you to consider applying for a Board of Director for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2018.  There are currently five Board of Directors positions open:

“As the Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee I have enjoyed “giving back” to this organization that has done so much for me through the years, both as a certified doula, as well as a trainer. I started out with the intention of helping DONA and quickly realized how much I’m learning and gaining from this experience. I have a much broader worldview of the organization and our members than I did prior to being on the board when I was focused mainly on my own community. I now have a greater appreciation for all that goes on behind the scenes, something I will never take for granted again.

DONA International is a non-profit organization that depends on member volunteers. The more that step up and get involved lightens the load for everyone, it adds diversity, and the benefit of knowing you are making a difference. For those that are considering applying for a position, I say if you love DONA International, are open to learning and are a team player you’ve got what it takes to be part of the leadership team. Please join us we need you!” – Ann Pollack, CD/BDT(DONA),CLC

You can find out more about the responsibilities and job descriptions for these board positions on the DONA International elections page.  The Board of Directors positions require a commitment to attending a few board meetings a year, held in Chicago at our management office, and at the yearly conference site during the years we have an in-person conference. Airfare, lodging, and meals for the board meetings are covered by our organization though the positions are volunteer.  The bulk of the work is done virtually through online meetings, conference calls and independent work in your home office.

Ravae S.M. Sinclair, JD, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE shares what it has been like to serve on the DONA International Board of Directors as our Intercultural Director.  I think you can hear the DONA pride clearly as Ravae explains what it has meant to her to serve in this leadership role.

Regional Directors needed too

Additionally, DONA International is seeking Regional Directors to serve a three-year term.  Regional Directors are the liaison between the membership and the board of directors.   RDs work closely with state/provincial area representatives (SPARS) to connect with the DONA International membership on the local level.  Read more about the RD job responsibilities and requirments on our website.These non-board (not elected) leadership positions are three-year terms and are presented to the board for approval by the nominations committee:

  • Southeastern US Regional Director
  • Western Pacific US Regional Director
  • Midwestern US Regional Director (immediately available)

DONA values you!

As an organization, we value diversity and celebrate and appreciate our differences both in our membership and amongst our organizational leaders. We would like to see a wide variety of applications from all around the world, wherever our members live and practice.  We would like to invite you to read the position requirements, job descriptions and apply if you feel like you have something to offer!  Don’t be hesitant. We need you!  Our board, regional directors, and entire organization benefit when many different people share our leadership table and vision.   You can read here what former board member Eva Bild had to say as she shares her experience of being a member of the DONA International Board of Directors in a previous blog post.

Important dates to note

The application deadline for all of these open positions is June 15, 2017.  We are committed to processing all the applications and having the nominations committee select the candidates for BoD approval in August 2017.  Our membership elections and new director announcements will be scheduled for Fall 2017 – exact dates to be announced.

Apply now!

Think about your own skill set and hopes for your professional and personal growth over the next three years.  Consider what a fantastic impact you can have when you lean in with other professionals who care about the doula profession and DONA International and work together to support doulas and the families who are in the childbearing year. Your ideas, experience, and energy matter and we invite you to consider applying for a Board or Regional Director position.  What is stopping you?  Consider applying now!