2022 Conference Coordinator

The 2022 DONA International Summit is just around the corner and will be one of our largest virtual conferences ever, with over

25 contact hours available. DONA International was founded in October 1992, and this year marks our 30th anniversary. The conference will be an opportunity for members to come together to learn, grow and celebrate this milestone year!

Over the years, DONA International has had considerable growth; a dream that started with our five founders as a goal to educate and certify 100 doulas has turned into something far wider and far deeper. Our members and leaders have learned from one another, grown with one another and expanded our thinking about doula support, together. We have gained some incredible pearls of wisdom along the way, and yet, the future IS tomorrow. Today, we find ourselves in a critical time of growth in the doula industry as more and more opportunities and funding to increase access to doulas have risen. We see an industry moving from awareness into action, with even more opportunities on the horizon. The demand and need for doulas are on the rise, and we seek to uphold our original vision — a doula for every person who wants one through this incredible time.

This year’s conference will have some key areas of focus. You’ll notice that there are no “tracks” but instead threads of connection, similar to the thread that strings together pearls. This year’s lineup includes a dynamic group of speakers who are fired up to share their pearls of wisdom with all of us. You’ll hear from brand new fresh doulas, seasoned doulas and other professionals who bring their expert-level information for our learning.

You may notice that there are sessions geared toward our newer members and others geared toward those who have been doulas for some time. It is the goal and desire of the speaker selection team that this summit brings forth opportunities for growth no matter your background or level of experience.

The 2022 conference committee has been discussing how a beautiful pearl grows from a tiny speck of sand into something unique and beautiful. We feel a connection from this thought to the doula profession as a whole. Doulas work for better birth and postpartum experiences, and better maternal health care for all, and it’s with
growth and perseverance that we move closer to our collective goals, something beautiful for the future.

Through this year’s conference, pearls of wisdom will be found in opportunities to grow your skills as a doula, to grow your business, agency and organizations, and most important, to grow as an individual. I hope you’ll join this year’s summit as we share pearls of wisdom, connect with fellow doulas and leaders and look to the future of tomorrow, together!

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