Interior Hero

Ericka M. Sinclair, MS, MPH

Health Connections, Inc.

Ericka M. Sinclair is the Founder and CEO of Health Connections Inc. located in the Milwaukee, WI -area managing clinical care -specifically primary care for vulnerable populations including transgender clients – as well as disease prevention and interventions. Ms. Sinclair’s background includes nearly 20 years in global public health and includes laboratory research and training patients and providers to navigate healthcare systems.

Ericka has held several positions at the Centers for Disease Control with roles including Senior Research Specialist, Behavioral Science Consultant, Training Specialist, Project Director and National Data Manager. Her experience as an international public health professional includes data management for collaborative publications with China on avian influenza; conducting HIV/AIDS research in Uganda with a focus on HIV counseling and testing; performing couples HIV counseling and testing in Rwanda; and training health care providers in Kenya on an intervention to deliver HIV prevention messages to HIV-infected patients in care and treatment clinics.

With degrees in Microbiology and African American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Masters of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Masters of Public Health (concentration in Global Public Health) from Emory University, Ericka is well suited to provide “public health in action” by helping interpret system improvements to patients and providers to connect the dots and make informed decisions for the betterment of everyone.

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