Interior Hero

Nikia Lawson, MA, BSW, CD/BDT(DONA)

Membership Director (West)

Nikia is excited for the opportunity to serve as the Western Division Membership Director. As a member of DONA International, there is a personal relationship that each member has with the organization as a whole. I tell people that I am motivated by relationships and the membership relationship is very important. My goal as Western Division Membership Director is to continue to foster that relationship through service, branding and resource coordinating. Through service each member can identify what their strengths are and how they are best suited to benefit the organization in which they share a professional commitment. One of my goals for this term is to identify each active member in the western division and edify their strengths. Then I hope to motivate them to work collectively with the DONA leadership, including trainers, to move the organization onward and upward to remain the pinnacle of doula support in the industry. The commitment to expand the DONA brand is very important to me. As we encourage members to engage in resources in and around their local birth communities, we can then invite them to access DONA’s online support. This method will aid in supporting messaging that DONA International meets the needs of the membership overall when they hear it from a collective voice. We want to establish a collective interaction rather than to continue to silo the interactions among the members. We want to create and foster an environment that each person will feel connected to the organization as well as to the community in which they serve. Finally, I want to be a resource to our membership to help them meet their professional and developmental needs so they can better serve their clientele and community. Another goal is to identify the support resources within DONA and connect the members with the opportunities to meet their needs: personally, professionally and communally, and meet the needs of their clientele.

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