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Number of DONA approved doula trainers worldwide

Still deciding on whether doula work is right for you?

You’ll probably love our blog post, “Ten Best Things About My Doula Life.” Check it out to learn more about what it’s really like to be a doula.

Become a Doula

It’s an exciting time to become a doula! DONA International has been working hard for 25 years to help doulas integrate within our birth and postpartum systems.

Today, there are more families hiring DONA doulas worldwide than ever before. It’s your time for a rewarding career making a difference in the lives of new parents.

DONA International birth and postpartum doulas practice in all kinds of settings: in hospitals, in doula agencies, in nonprofits and as independent business owners. Many of our doulas earn a great full-time living in this amazing field, while others choose a slower pace.

We’re here to help guide you on your journey toward certification. Click on through to learn more about your pathway into this amazing work.

Your pathway is up to you.

Your career is in your hands, from the hours you work to the fees you charge for your services. You can start charging for your services as soon as you finish your workshop if you’d like, and your fees are completely up to you. Your DONA approved trainer can help you explore which professional pathway feels right for you. There’s an abundance of opportunity!

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Our doula training process is known as the world’s best. Whether you’re pursuing birth or postpartum certification, your training will include a variety of items.


  • a DONA approved doula workshop
  • a reading list developed by the world’s top doulas
  • additional training in lactation and new born feeding (online option)
  • auditing a childbirth class (birth doulas only)
  • hands-on support for several clients
  • professional evaluation and self-reflection
  • developing a resource list for your community
  • business webinar training
  • an essay
  • references

Learn About Birth Doula Training

You want to become a birth doula! It’s such an incredible time to be helping families through their births – hospital birth, home birth and birth center families all need your support. You have the potential to touch so many lives. It’s exciting to imagine the unique skills and gifts you’re going to bring to this amazing work.


Become a birth doula

Learn About Postpartum Doula Training

New families need so much support in those early weeks and months, and you can use your skills and your heart to help them get off to a great start. It’s your time to become a postpartum doula!



Become a postpartum doula

Find A Doula Workshop

DONA approved doula workshops are your first step toward certification. DONA International offers high-quality, evidence-based doula training around the world. Search our database to find a doula training workshop near you. We have more than 160 trainers worldwide, so chances are great you will find a doula training near you.


Doula Training Cities/Dates

Get Trained and Certified

Once certified, birth doulas earn the credential CD(DONA), and postpartum doulas receive PCD(DONA). Those letters behind your name will signal to everyone that you’ve earned the most respected doula credential in the world.

 You’re not alone as you move toward certification. Support is always available from the following sources:

Our goal is to help all great doulas achieve their certification goals with DONA International!

Command Higher Fees!

Did you know that according to, DONA International doulas are the highest paid in the industry? Explore the data in our recent blog post!