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Annual Conference

There are few continuing education experiences more powerful than a DONA International conference! Hundreds of doulas from around the world gather at our conferences to connect, learn, network, and share their hearts and their expertise.

Should I attend a DONA International conference?

Our keynote speakers always include the leading voices in perinatal care. It’s a must for every doula to experience at least once in a career, and many doulas add it to their calendar every single year.

Where in the world have we conferenced?

Seattle, WA   •  Cleveland, OH  •  Austin, TX  •  Clearwater, FL  •  Toronto, ON  •  San Diego, CA •
Milwaukee, WI  •  San Francisco/Millbrae, CA  •  New Orleans, LA  •  Washington, DC  •  Denver, CO  •
St. Louis, MO  •  Vancouver, BC  •  Atlanta,GA  •   Albuquerque, NM  •  Boston, MA  •  Cancun, Mexico  •
Kansas City, MO  •  Online  •  Bellevue (Seattle), WA  •
Online • Ft. Lauderdale, FL• Houston, TX• Online • Online • Online • Minneapolis, MN

Where are we conferencing next? 

Online (October 2024)

Seattle, WA, 1994

1st DONA Conference

Cleveland, OH, 1996

2nd DONA Conference: Catch the Doula Spirit

Austin, TX, 1997

3rd DONA Conference

Clearwater, FL, 1998

4th DONA Conference

Toronto, ON, 1999

5th DONA Conference

San Diego, CA, 2000

6th DONA Conference

Milwaukee, WI, 2001

7th DONA Conference

Clearwater, FL, 2002

8th DONA Conference: 10th Birthday Celebration held at Sheraton Sand Key Resort

San Francisco/Millbrae, CA, 2003

New Orleans, LA, 2004

Washington, DC, 2005

Denver, CO, 2006

St. Louis, MO, 2007

Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2008

Atlanta, GA, 2009

Albuquerque, NM, 2010

Soaring to New Heights

Boston, MA, 2011

Join the Revolution

Cancun, MX, 2012

Reflect, Restore, Renew

Kansas City, MO, 2014

Lamaze and DONA Confluence: flowing together for safe, healthy birth and beyond!

Bellevue (Seattle), WA, 2016


Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2018

Houston, Tx, 2019

Minneapolis, MN, 2023

DONA Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)
It’s a tradition!

Each year, at the close of the DONA International Conference, DONA International doulas from around the world join together in a circle of support singing the beautiful song DONA Nobis Pacem led by founder Penny Simkin. It’s a special moment when we can come together hand in hand to honor the work that we do and the organization that we are a part of.

2012 DONA Nobis Pacem Flash Mob

Everyone loves a fun flash mob!  We especially like this one, DONA style, when conference attendees were invited into the lobby of the beautiful Casa Magna Resort to sing DONA Nobis Pacem!

18th Annual Conference, Cancun, MX

2015 Virtual Choir

In an effort to broaden the educational opportunities across our membership, DONA International offers a virtual conference on years that we are not holding an in-person conference.  Of course, a tradition is a tradition, even when we’re virtual!

21st Annual Conference, Virtual

2016 DONA Nobis Pacem

This past July, as always, the DONA International conference concluded with attendees standing hand-in-hand lifting their voices in unity.  Led by Penny Simkin, we sent our doulas and birth professionals off to make a difference in the lives of families.  #DONA16  #DONAProud

22nd Annual Conference, Bellevue, WA