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Trainer Candidate Program


DONA International is accepting applicants for the 2023 DONA International Trainer Candidacy Program.  Anyone interested in the program is required to submit an application using the link on this page.

DONA will accept applications through Friday, July 28, 2023.  The Train the Trainer Seminar is scheduled to take place in person  Monday, October 16th through Thursday, October 19th at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis MN.  Accepted applicants must attend the in-person training. 

Minimum Trainer Candidate Qualifications:

1. Proof of continuous DONA membership (in good standing) with DONA International for six (6) consecutive years.

2. DONA certified doula in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive recertification periods (i.e., six (6) or more consecutive years)

3. Minimum number of births/families served: Birth Doulas: Minimum of 100 births attended as birth doula, not as a nurse or midwife. Reasonable documentation will be requested. Postpartum Doulas: Minimum of 50 families served as a postpartum doula (not as a sleep consultant or newborn care specialist). Reasonable documentation will be requested.

4. Proof of formal education, training or experience in the following areas:

               a. course/curriculum creation

               b. adult education/learning

               c. community leadership

d. The education committee will review the submission for how well the skills translate to being a doula trainer.

5. Proof of experience in teaching perinatal adult education.

               a. Birth Doulas: 120 hours of teaching childbirth education classes. The Education Committee is looking for repetition, over time, which has led to expertise. For example: 20-40 hours of teaching within a year’s time over two to four years. A class outline should be submitted.

               b. Postpartum Doulas: 120 hours of teaching childbirth education, newborn care, or 4th Trimester classes or the equivalent to community members. The Education Committee is looking for repetition, over time, which has led to expertise. For example: 20-40 hours of teaching within a year’s time over two to four years. A class outline should be submitted.

6. Proof of volunteer experience with DONA

7. Successful Interview

8. Submit $50 non-refundable application fee (if accepted, fee is applied to Train the Trainer Seminar

9. Pay $1500 tuition for DONA Train the Trainer Seminar

10. Successfully complete the Train the Trainer Seminar

DONA International reserves the right to select for its candidacy program those applicants who, in its judgment, best represent DONA International’s Mission, Vision and Statement of Values.  Individuals who are invited to apply for the candidacy program must uphold and abide by DONA International’s Birth Doula and/or Postpartum Doula Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and must meet or exceed all other requirements.

Acceptance to the candidacy program does NOT guarantee approval of the candidate’s curriculum or as a DONA International approved community-based doula, birth or postpartum doula trainer.

Application Process:

Click here to start the application process.  You will be redirected to the boutique.  If you are eligible to apply, you will see the following under the “My Actions” column: Train the Trainer Seminar Application. Click on the link to pay the application fee and a link to the application will be sent to you via email.  Only those members that meet the membership and certification eligibility requirements will be able to access the application.

Preview the application here: review the application questions and requirements.

Learn more:

To learn more about the benefits and requirements of being a DONA Trainer, review the following documents:

Trainer Code of Conduct

DONA Approved Trainer Policies

Trainer Re-Approval Requirements


Steps to Become a DONA International Approved Doula Trainer

  1. Meet the Qualifications for the Trainer Candidate Program
  2. Be a DONA Member in good standing
  3. Submit Application ($50)
  4. Successfully complete candidate interview
  5. Successfully complete Train the Trainer Seminar ($1500)
  6.  Approval of candidate’s doula training curriculum within six months of completion of Train the Trainer Seminar
  7. Uphold and abide DONA International’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct for Trainers

How much does it cost to be a DONA Trainer?

  1. Annual membership fee: Your choice: $100 – 1 year/$190 – 2 years/$280 – 3 year membership
  2. Trainer Reapproval Fee: $500*, (reapproval occurs every 3 years)
  3. Recertification Fee: $75* (you must recertify every 3 years)
  4. $75* to list your training at
  5. $15* per student per training

*These fee rates go into effect September 2023