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DONA International Advocacy Efforts

We’re committed to supporting creative solutions that provide sustainability for doulas and access to doula care for all families, including families experiencing systemic inequties. As we look to the future, we’re planning incredible initiatives that will benefit doulas and the families we support.

In efforts to expand our impact on perinatal/child health and further our mission and vision, DONA International has developed a strong advocacy arm. You can find the areas of focus below, and we invite our members to volunteer with the Advocacy Committee as we work toward improved access to doula care, and advancement for the doula profession, together.

New York Doula Legislation

DONA International leadership is committed to centering the doula in the nationwide Medicaid doula benefit reimbursement discussions. Upon invitation, Nikia Lawson, Past President, testified at the NY State Senate on behalf of the DONA Board of Directors. NY just passed iconic legislation with the largest reimbursement rate for doulas.

Official Response From DONA International

Insurance Benefit Utilization

DONA International values the clinical research that demonstrates the positive impact of doula support on health outcomes. We are dedicated to researching and advocating for third-party reimbursement, including both private and Medicaid reimbursement, to make doula support more accessible without compromising the profession. Additionally, DONA is dedicated to supporting our doulas as they navigate the required regulations as they choose to become providers eligible to bill for third-party reimbursement.

Areas of Focus

DONA International leadership has identified five areas of focus for our advocacy efforts.  Each area of focus is addressed through timely projects and initiatives. Join the Advocacy Committee to get involved.  

Community Advocacy

For the last 30 years, DONA International has set the standard for the doula profession. We are committed to continuing the growth of our profession into the future and increasing the awareness of the benefits of doula support to health care providers, families, other birth professionals, and stakeholders. We are dedicated to supporting our doulas as they carry out this work within their local birthing community. Together, we will ensure our DONA doulas have access to the support and tools necessary to advance the doula profession and continue increasing our credibility as birth professionals. 

Legislative Action

The DONA International board of directors has begun pursuing opportunities to represent our interest at the legislative level in the United States. These opportunities include working with the congressional perinatal and child health caucus, providing educational and additional advocacy opportunities. DONA also strives to create and promote tools to assist our doulas in becoming active in local and state legislative activities

International Advocacy

DONA International is proud to have over 50 countries with practicing DONA certified doulas. DONA celebrates the uniqueness of each of the countries and their birthing cultures. DONA values supporting our international doulas as they work to advance the doula profession and credibility within their country. DONA is dedicated to gathering together in support of our international doulas to provide education, tools, and the resources necessary to ensure the doulas success in increasing awareness and access to doula support worldwide. 

Legislative Action Toolkit

  • To help DONA International more fully offer support and resources to areas in need of legislative action, please tell us where you are located.
  • Please supply your email address so we can communicate future resources and edits/updates to the toolkit.

We invite you to join us!

If you are passionate about advocating for the advancement of the doula profession and access to doulas, we invite you to apply to volunteer with the Advocacy Committe! Please reach out to our committee chair to get involved.

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