August 1-7, 2017 is World Breastfeeding Week. This year’s theme is Sustaining Breastfeeding – Together. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action champions World Breastfeeding Week every year during this time to call attention to the many benefits breastfeeding has for the parent-child dyad all around the world and to support awareness of the importance of breastfeeding support and collective efforts to improve breastfeeding rates.

Birth and postpartum doulas are a critical part of the team that can help families start the breastfeeding relationship off right. Doulas discuss feeding intentions and prepare the family prenatally. Birth doulas are with the family to support that important first hour of initiating feeding. Both birth and postpartum doulas continue with additional support as the family navigates the first days and weeks. When things get a bit more complicated, doulas can connect the family with a lactation specialist who offers additional support that helps the family to continue their breastfeeding goals. Doulas help families to breastfeed every single day all around the globe.

Breastfeeding is simply amazing. There are so many interesting facts about this remarkable part of the human anatomy and the process of breastfeeding that I wanted to share ten amazing facts about human lactation.

Enjoy these beautiful images as you learn and celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!