hand-644145_1280Happy World Doula Week! According to the website, World Doula Week was chosen to coincide with the spring equinox which is associated with fertility in many cultures. This is a great opportunity to share about the role of doulas and the benefits of doula support.

Did World Doula Week catch you unprepared to organize an event this year? No worries, May is International Doula Month and now is the time to make plans! Established in 1998 to promote the value of doula support, International Doula Month was selected to coincide with Mother’s Day. With five weeks left for planning, here are some ideas to recognize and celebrate our role as those who mother the mother:

Organize a film showing. Movies are a great way to gather people together and allow them to learn about the important work of doulas. The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth are popular choices. A post-film discussion with doulas can be a great way to round out the event.

Give a presentation about doulas. Childbirth classes, community events and even provider’s offices can provide good opportunities to share about doulas and do a little marketing.

Media outreach. Do you have a client who is willing to share her story? Your local newspaper, magazines or public radio show may be interested in either an interview or a written piece from you. Contact writers or hosts who cover families or health for the best results.

Host a client reunion. This can be a fun way to get families together and stay connected with past clients. Partner with other doulas to make it a larger event and even more fun.

Leverage social media. Plan a series of posts for May with images (make sure they are available for use, of course), quotes and resources about doulas. A little pre-planning and research can go a long way toward getting the message out about doulas via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also share the video Essential Ingredient: Doula which is available for free via YouTube.

Send cards to clients. If an event is too much to take on, start gathering addresses for past clients and pick-up cards wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day.

Now is a great time to order brochures or other materials from the DONA Boutique, get additional business cards printed, check out available venues and reach out to other doulas in your areas to begin planning events for International Doula Month (and of course make notes for World Doula Week 2016!).

We’d love to hear about what you’ve done to celebrate World Doula Week and your plans for International Doula Month! Please share in the comments below.