The next issue of the International Doula features an article on support for childhood sexual abuse survivors by Selena Shelley. Selena has more than 15 years of experience as a social worker, psychotherapist, birth doula and trauma consultant working with pregnant childhood sexual abuse survivors. She is also a certified From Trauma to Triumph trainer. Here’s a small snippet:

“There’s a question often circulating around the doula community that goes something like, “Should I ask my client if she is a childhood sexual abuse survivor?” It is often followed by, “Won’t it help me provide better care if I know?” If you are a doula who has asked yourself these questions, I commend you; it shows that you want to provide thoughtful and excellent care to your clients. I hope this article will help you do exactly that by convincing you NOT to ask your clients about a history of childhood sexual abuse.”

You’ll also find articles about supporting Jewish women, BMI and Birth, and a tribute to Sheila Kitzinger by Penny Simkin. Keep an eye out for the Fall issue in your mailbox in the coming weeks!

— Susan Troy, CD(DONA), Editor, International Doula