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Practice Webinars

Practice webinars are a great way to expand your learning and take your doula skills to the next level. From hands-on tools to new and interesting research, you’re sure to find something valuable!

Keeping your knowledge base and skills up to date are an important part of working as a doula.  Below, you can find evidence-based webinars and take advantage of great educational offerings anytime and anywhere.

To learn more about webinars to support your doula business, visit our business webinar page. Each webinar costs $20 and ends with contact hours that count toward recertification with DONA International and many other birth organizations.

Webinar Pricing

Our educational webinars are offered for the low price of only $20 per webinar!
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Epigenetics and the Microbiome: The Latest Buzzwords in Maternity with Penny Simkin

DONA International co-founder, renowned author and physical therapist Penny Simkin leads us in an exploration of epigenetics and the microbiome. Penny tackles how environmental factors, epigenetics and the microbiome may harm or benefit the developing fetus throughout life, and even future generations. How can doulas and other birth workers improve epigenetic effects and the microbiome?

Session Length 81 minutes; Contact Hours 1.0  

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Supporting the Childbirth and Breastfeeding Continuum with Ngozi D. Tibbs

This session addresses the definition of continuum and how it relates to birth and breastfeeding. Ngozi discusses how birth practices can interfere with breastfeeding and how to help mothers make an informed choice regarding pain medications and interventions. She also addresses the importance of cultural competency and how that relates to supporting mothers. How do special circumstances, family and returning to work can help or hinder mothers from reaching their breastfeeding goals?

Session Length 77 minutes; Contact Hours 1.0

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Mastering the Doula’s Advocacy Role with Kim James

Knowing how to effectively execute the doula’s advocacy role can be one of the most satisfying aspects of the doula’s career and one of the most important for increasing positive long term birth memories for the clients she serves. The key elements of mastering the doula’s advocacy role are a firm understanding of what is within and out of scope for a DONA doula; practicing daily diplomatic communication skills; developing empathy; understanding one’s own trauma exposure response; and effectively increasing one’s trauma exposure resilience.

Session Length 43 minutes; Contact Hours .75

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Decision Fatigue with Penny Simkin

Informed decision making and patient autonomy are valued principles in medical care, including maternity care. In fact, informed consent is the law of the land in North America. Assisting parents to become informed of the pros and cons of the numerous options in maternity care is a major reason for the existence of childbirth education. Yet today’s maternity care climate is highly technical and extremely complex, and there is little agreement even among the experts on which of the many available options are most suitable for a particular woman. Many expectant parents feel inadequate to make such decisions-  everything from a planned cesarean or induction for no medical reason, to whether to have routine intravenous fluids or artificial rupture of the membranes, to whether to use formula to feed the baby while mother is at work or to pump breastmilk. Decision fatigue occurs when one is burdened by numerous decisions; the term refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual when under pressure to make numerous important decisions. Do childbirth educators, doulas and birth activists sometimes add to the problem? Do we make it so complex that parents feel exhausted and incapable to make the right decision for them? Penny explores this problem and offers some possible ways to prevent decision fatigue while keeping mothers and babies in the center of care.

Session Length 50 minutes; Contact Hours .80

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