Each May we celebrate International Doula Month to promote awareness of the benefits of doula support during the childbearing year and increase visibility of our profession in our communities. For International Doula Month 2015, DONA International has organized a social media campaign to spread the word about what doulas do, how we support families and the benefits associated with professional labor and postpartum support.

Here are five ways you can support International Doula Month via social media:

1. Make sure you are following DONA International’s official Facebook page for daily facts (and funnies) about doulas.

2.  Change your profile picture to one of these International Doula Month badges.

Certified Doula Badges

IDM15-profile pics-certified birthIDM15-profile pics-certified PP

DONA International Member Badges

IDM15-profile pics-member birthIDM15-profile pics-member PP

Doula Badges

IDM15-profile pics-birthIDM15-profile pics-PP

3.  Share our daily fact posts to your timeline and Facebook groups. For those who tweet and pin, feel free to share on Twitter and Pinterest as well!

4. Post about your experience as a doula, why you love what you do, your favorite quotes or resources about doulas.

5. Use the hashtags #IDM15 and #DONAIntl when you post this month.

We’ll have more here at The DONA Doula Chronicles for International Doula Month as well. Happy International Doula Month!