Recently we shared information on practice types and how collaboration comes into play in every doula practice whether solo, co-op, or agency. No matter how your doula practice is set-up, having a good referral network and making appropriate referrals to other doulas when you are not available or are not the right fit for a family is key to supporting your community (and part of DONA International’s Standards of Practice for birth and postpartum doulas). Previously on The DONA Doula Chronicles, Kim James, CD/BDT (DONA) provided a great article on “Making the Right Referral When You Aren’t The Right Doula.” In it she says,

Making great referrals feels good. It’s a true reflection of the doula spirit that we all try to live every day and another great way we doula each other.

Kim shares why it’s important to make great referrals and offers three tips on how to make them.

Read the full article here and share with your doula colleagues.