Valentine’s Day is usually connected with candlelit dinners, chocolate, flowers and jewelry (or so the TV commercials want us to think!). Because it’s seen as a time to celebrate romantic love, this probably isn’t a holiday that makes you think of connecting with past doula clients.  Valentine’s Day can be great inspiration to reach out to families you supported and let them know you are thinking of them.

Greeting cards are widely available with “I’m thinking of you” messages. Add a quick note letting the family know you are thinking of them and hoping they are taking some time to celebrate their marriage or relationship on this special day. Mention some ways you noticed how they connected  with one another or sweet moments you observed between the parents while supporting them. If you are willing and your schedule allows, ask them to stay in touch or let you know if they need anything. Be sure to include a business card to make it easy for them to contact you or share with a friend who can use your services.  With so much electronic communication today, postal mail can stand out and demonstrate a little extra caring.

If Valentine’s Day doesn’t resonate with you or your busy schedule won’t let you get to it this year, pick a date in the near future to drop “Thinking of You” cards in the mail to your clients.  Put it on your calendar so you won’t forget. Since most doulas get new clients from word of mouth, staying in touch with past clients can help encourage referrals.  Sometimes you have to “feed” word of mouth marketing!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Adrianne Gordon, CD(DONA)