Meghan Markle hired a doula for her upcoming birth (and, hopefully, postpartum). We are delighted that she is making DOULA the word heard round the world. The Duchess is just the latest expectant royal to set the pace for other birthing families around the globe. Princess Diana breastfed and birthed her own way, Duchess Kate used hypnobirthing and midwives with her three babies.

We’ve had fun imagining how the conversation might have gone between the Queen and Meghan.

“You’re having a what, dear?”

“A doula, Ma’am”

“Is that like a midwife?”

“Our midwives will make certain that everything is going well with baby and me health-wise. Our doula will help Harry and myself during the labor and birth so that we can have our physical, informational and emotional needs met. Midwives and doulas go together like tiaras and diamonds!”

“Wonderful invention. One wishes they had been around in one’s day.”

“Not only that, but the doula will also help us out in the first weeks after baby is born.”

“Isn’t that what nannies are for?”

“Actually, Harry and I want to be able to bond with Baby Sussex and having a postpartum doula means we can relax. Our doula will help us breastfeed, get some rest and learn how to care for our new baby. And, you know, our doula will make certain that Harry and I have guidance that isn’t bossy.

“Good.  Some of our nannies were dreadful. So stern, you know. You and Harry will make splendid parents, though you may have to keep your eye on him. Such a naughty boy he was.”

Every birthing person deserves to have the kind of experience that helps them begin parenthood with confidence. The great news is that families do not have to possess a royal title to feel and be treated as such during this important time in their lives.

With a doula by their side, parents can know what it is like to have a person who is dedicated to them and their wishes. Even better, the evidence supports having a doula. We, doulas, know that the difference our guidance makes is priceless. We wish every new family the dignity and celebration befitting royalty.

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We raise a Pimms cocktail in salute to the royal couple and their baby!  May they enjoy the last weeks of their pregnancy and may they have all the support they need.

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Ann Grauer, AdvCD/BDT(DONA), AdvPCD/PDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, IBCLC Is celebrating her 30th year working with birthing and new families. She loves helping doulas realize their dreams, spending time with her four-year-old granddaughter, Margot; and all things British Monarchy. More information about Ann can be found on her website.