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Our birth and postpartum doulas are among the highest qualified, most professional doulas in the world.

Families who work with a DONA certified doula know they’ve connected with someone who has completed our in-depth, high-quality training and certification process. DONA International doulas are held to the highest professional standards.

We’re happy to help you access our membership of more than 5,000 doulas available to serve you in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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To be listed in the find a doula tool, certified doulas should update their member portal referral directory to make sure that their zip/postal code is listed. Note that changes to doula profiles in the member portal will not take effect immediately on the website, but will show up after the site undergoes routine/scheduled updates. Doulas can check to see if they are listed by inputting their zip/postal code (with full address or city/state) in the tool below.
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United States, PA


Michelle El Khoury, PhD
(267) 369-1400

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Provisional Doula Directory
Provisionally certified doulas are birth doula certification candidates who have completed all certification requirements, except for the client experiences, that were deemed to meet the standards of DONA certification requirements completed. The provisional certificate is valid for 1 year from that date issued to help these doulas complete their client experiences towards becoming a fully certified DONA birth doula. This list is updated monthly and only reflects those provisionally certified doulas who wish to be listed.
Download the DONA Provisional Birth Doula List here.
Learn more about the Provisional Certificate opportunity here.
Directory Usage Policy
This DONA International doula directory is exclusively for the personal use to locate and identify doulas in a particular location for hire or education purposes.  The use of this directory for the distribution of advertisements, solicitations, notices and/or materials of any kind, by any means, without the permission of the DONA International is strictly prohibited. Any person or organization (including members) desiring to use the doula directory for any type of solicitation should contact the Board of Directors of DONA International for prior approval. If approval is granted, the distribution shall be conducted under the direction and supervision of DONA International.