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US – New Jersey, Ridgewood

Workshop Type:
Continuing Education Workshop
Ellynne Skove
February 16, 2020

"Understanding the Newborn in the 4th Trimester: Soothing, Settling, & Centering."
3 dona ce hours

Learn to understand baby’s non verbal communication
Learn Conception, Prenatal, & Birth Imprints
Lerarn Tummy Time Essentials
• Learn newborn sleep behaviors and establish sleep rituals
• Learn new born signs of overstimulation
• Learn techniques for soothing and settling
• Learn typical crying patterns (the five baby cries)
• Learn about essential bonding & attachment relationships
• Learn how to tell when a baby is ready to be active, needs to rest, or needs to “re boot” himself.
• Learn how to play with a new baby to enhance brain development and physical development
• Gain tools for support of successful parenting
• Supervision and Discussion

Great materials provided!

Taught by Ellynne Skove, licensed therapist and pre and perintatal psychology and health specialistwith over 35 years of experience. She is the developer of GoGo Babies® Developmental Movement & Baby Yoga, founder of Nest Space: Haven for Babies and Families in Brooklyn, NY, and Bright Start Babies LLC for more info. 718.643.6064

US – Ohio, Lakewood

Workshop Type:
Continuing Education Workshop
Emma Whitlock
April 21, 2020

Peanut Ball Uses in Labor
Workshop Type: Hands-on workshop designed to teach about the various peanut ball positions and sizes to help women in labor. Great for keeping the pelvis open to allow baby to get into position as well as a great tool to help women with an epidural. Get a free position chart for attending!

3.0 Contact Hours

Emma Whitlock

US – Ohio

Workshop Type:
Continuing Education Workshop
Emma Whitlock
April 28, 2018
April 28, 2020

Placenta 101 & Encapsulation
Learn about the history, anatomy, & functions of the placenta & get info on the benefits of encapsulation.
2.0 Contact Hours

Indonesia- Bali

Workshop Type:
Continuing Education Workshop
Stephanie Larson
June 14, 2020
June 20, 2020

Dancing For Birth™ Retreat & Certification Training
6 Day workshop

Doulas, refresh your doula spirit and uplevel your labor support skills in magical Bali during this immersive, restorative, Dancing For Birth™ Retreat & Training. Learn valuable original techniques and moves you'll use immediately to make birth easier, safer, and more satisfying, like "The Larson Technique" for resolving fetal malposition including breech, and the “Mighty Mama Maneuver” to resolve failure to progress. Earn 14 CEUs towards your doula re-certification. Register by December 1 for the Early Registration rate. Dancing For Birth™ is an evidence-based birth method with a 19 year history of efficacy, a parent class for pre-conception through postpartum taught by Certified Instructors on four continents, and an acclaimed continuing education training for birth professionals.