The DONA website is a great resource

The DONA International website was redesigned about 18 months ago and shared with DONA members and the public at the 2016 DONA International conference in Bellevue, WA. At the same time, the new logo was made public. Since then, the website has seen many thousands of visitors who have come searching for a doula or wanting to become a doula. Additionally, the website has provided many useful resources for DONA members. You may not be fully aware of all the useful resources and information that is available to you. Today’s blog post will highlight some specific items that you want to be sure to check out if you haven’t already done so.

Set up or update  your member profile

Through the member portal, you can set up or update your profile including name, credentials, contact info, bio and profile photograph. This includes the mailing address and email that the organization uses to communicate with you by mail and electronic means. It is good to keep this regularly updated so that you don’t miss any communications. This information feeds the “Find a Doula” database, so be sure to keep it updated!

Find out about scheduled advanced doula trainings

Advanced doula trainings are a wonderful source of continuing education contact hours and a fun way to add on to your doula skill set. Find your favorite doula trainer or sign up for something that interests you. If you see a training that is too far away, consider reaching out to the trainer about bringing that session to your community. While each trainer has their own individual policies, hosting an advanced training often comes with discounted or free learning opportunities in exchange for hosting obligations. Either way, there are lots of opportunities to add to new skills. Check out scheduled trainings here.

Learn about annual conference info

The 2018 DONA International Summit will take place live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL July 19-21, 2018, and there will be a virtual option as well. Stay up to date on all conference news, learn about speakers and session topics and connect with others who are also attending. Find out all the details, register, and make hotel arrangements from the conference page.

Purchase DONA Swag

It is fun to wear or use DONA labeled merchandise like t-shirts, bags, water bottles and more. Show the world you are a proud DONA doula. Shop and purchase the items you want in the DONA Boutique.

Purchase and renew membership and certifications

DONA International makes it easy to stay current on your membership and certification purchases and renewal dates. You can purchase a membership, certification packets, extensions and recertification packets all in the same place. Set a reminder in your calendar and then head here to stay current on all your DONA expiration dates.

Access back issues of the amazing International Doula

One of the benefits of membership is receiving the quarterly International Doula journal. This vibrant and interesting publication is filled with first-hand experiences, research, and topics of interest to all birth professionals. Receiving a hard copy in your mailbox is exciting but you will always have online access to previous editions through the membership portal. Access this when you need to find something quickly from a past issue!

The resource library is amazing

The DONA International resource library has a plethora of information for both birth and postpartum doulas. Find our position papers, infographics, information to share with families, grievance policies, links to business webinars, breastfeeding trainings, birth data collection forms, certification and recertification guides and so much more. If I needed something from the DONA website, I would be sure to look here. All the documents are downloadable and can be saved for future reference on your local device.


The DONA International website is a thorough and complete resource full of information for all birth and postpartum doulas as well as the public. Knowing where to access the information and tools that you need can save you time, answer questions and help you to keep organized as a birth professional. Explore some of the above links so you can be familiar with them when you need them.