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International Doula Month


We are celebrating twenty plus years of International Doula Month! International Doula Month (IDM) was started by DONA International in 1998 to celebrate and increase awareness about the role of the birth and postpartum doula around the world.

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Hashtags are a way to “tag” a conversation for others to join in or find content. You can use multiple hashtags and will find them most commonly on Instagram and Twitter. If you’re not sure what’s being used, try searching for the hashtag before you use it. Here are some common ones:

  • #IDM
  • #ThriveAsADoula
  • #IDM22
  • #FindADoula
  • #DONAProud
  • #BeADoula
  • #DONAIntl
  • #ThankADoula
  • #DONADoula
  • #BirthDoula
  • #DONADoulaTrainer
  • #PostpartumDoula
  • #YouDeserveADoula
  • #DoulaLife


We are using themes to help us guide the conversation. Each week will have a theme, but you should tweet or post what works best for you and jump into the themes as it suits you and your business’ needs.

  • Weeks 1 & 5: General DONA International and doula awareness
  • Week 2: Find a Doula
  • Week 3: Be a Doula
  • Week 4: Thank a Doula/Thrive as a Doula

Sample Posts

These can be used on any platform you would like to use them but they are designed more for Facebook or Instagram. They may be personalized or altered to help you promote doulas, your business, and International Doula Month.

Do you know the benefits of using a doula at your birth? What about having a doula help you after you’ve had the baby? Find out what a doula can do for you!

Here’s a great guide on how to hire the perfect doula for you!

DONA International has been training and certifying doulas for over 25 years. Learn more about the amazing history!

Are you looking for a doula to help you at your next birth? A doula can help you have a more comfortable and satisfying birth. Find out more:

We put a lot of thought and preparation into helping you jump-start your path to becoming a doula. DONA International has the experience and skills you need to become an amazing doula. Find out more about starting on your doula journey:

Being a doula is an amazing thing – here are ten reasons that I love being a doula!

Sample Tweets

Please be aware that some of these tweets require you to change text or insert tags.

Find out why our doulas are #DONAProud:  #IDM22

<insert your business name> loves doulas because <insert your reasons> #DONAProud #IDM22

10 Reasons I Love Being a #Doula: #DONAProud #IDM22

A #doula can help shorten your labor and reduce the risk of a #cesarean birth. #DONAProud #IDM22

Need some help #postpartum? A #doula can help ease the transition. #DONAProud #IDM22

Want an exciting career helping new families? Be a #doula! #DONAProud #IDM22

Other Potential Links of Interest


There are also images available to you as a certified birth and/or postpartum doula and a trainer. You will find different sizes for different platforms below. These are also just some of the things DONA International will use during International Doula Month, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find more images to share!

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