Think you missed out on the 2015 DONA International Annual Conference? Think again! This year’s virtual conference is available to you from the comfort of your own living room until November 7th. You can register and watch any or all of the conference sessions between now and then. The sessions this year are in keeping with the Annual Conference’s strong 20 year history and span a wide range of topics to help new and experienced doulas stay current, expand your practice and be inspired. Here’s a sneak peek from some of the sessions:

Understanding A Woman’s Choice To Use Hypnosis For Childbirth, Amy Neuhedal, CD(DONA), dip.HB, M. Ed.

Hypnosis_Neuhedel_screenshot2Hypnosis_Neuhedel_screenshotThe 10 Things You Need to Know About VBAC, Jen Kamel

101 Things_VBAC_Kamel_screenshot101 Things_VBAC_Kamel_screenshot2 Code Red: Perinatal Anxiety Disorder and Doula Interventions, Walker Karraa, Ph.D.

Code Red_Karraa_screenshot       Code Red_Karraa_screenshot2Woman-Centered or Baby-Centered: The Truth of Being a Doula, Kerry Francis, MA, CD(DONA)

Francis_Woman_Baby Centered_screenshotFrancis_Woman_Baby Centered_screenshot2Additional session topics include breastfeeding, hospital doula programs, language sensitivity, how social trends influence birth, doula support during loss and pelvic positioning. Those who have already attended the conference have raved about the inspiration they received from The Source of Energy Within Ourselves with Naoli Vinaver. Penny Simkin closed the conference with Epigentics and the Microbiome: The Latest Buzzwords in Maternity Care which generated interesting conversation on DONA International’s social media.

The 2015 DONA International Virtual Conference: Building on Tradition, Embracing the Future will be available for on-demand viewing until November 7th.

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— Adrianne Gordon, CD(DONA), MBA