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Becoming a professional doula means taking care of business. We are focused exclusively on the doula profession and have been for over 25 years.

DONA International doulas build successful doula businesses based on integrity, commitment and respect. Every doula’s goals and dreams for her practice are different. Read on to gain tips, insight and resources to take your practice to the next level.

Celebrating Doulas: World Doula Week!

Happy World Doula Week! According to the website, World Doula Week was chosen to coincide with the spring equinox which is associated with fertility in many cultures. This is a great opportunity to share about the role of doulas and the benefits of doula support. Did...

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The Birth of a Hospital Doula Program

Editor’s Note: Sujata Gami has been on staff with the Women’s Education Department at St. Francis Hospital in Greenville, SC as a childbirth educator since 2007. Her experience with the Alternative Birth Methods team she describes below has inspired her to become a...

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Make S.M.A.R.T. Plans for 2015

A new year is upon us and with it comes planning for the months ahead. While some may resolve to start or expand a doula practice (pun intended!), it’s no secret that the right kind of goals can make all the difference in what you will achieve in 2015. It is commonly...

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Tis the Season – Tips for Doulas During the Holidays

While marketing began weeks ago, the holidays are closing in (really). It is a special time of year, yet one that can bring a good bit of stress, too. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you support clients between now and New Year’s: This time of year includes...

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Community Based Doulas

What is a community based doula? A community based doula works with clients who are typically young in age, of low income and have little to no support. Community based doulas meet with their clients several months before birth, attend the birth and meet in the weeks...

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Making the Right Referral When You Aren’t the Right Doula

You've likely had the experience of meeting families during interviews who you can't optimally serve. When you aren't the right doula; it's time to make a great referral to the doula who is a better fit. Why it's important to make great referrals. 1. It's part of our...

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Medicaid Now Covering Birth Doulas in Oregon

Doulas who have been registered on the Traditional Healthcare Worker Registry can now have their services reimbursed by Medicaid. The registration process requires both an application and background check. This is a huge development for bringing doula services to...

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Social Media Considerations for Doulas – Part 2

This is the second article in our two part series on important considerations for doulas using social media.  If you missed part one, you can find it here. The company you keep: In social media, the groups you are part of, the pages you like, the posts you share, and...

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Social Media Considerations for Doulas – Part 1

For so many of us and the families we serve, social media is part of the daily fabric of our lives. We use it to market our services, stay in touch, gain information, and obtain support.  Social media can be a powerful tool for a successful doula. Facebook, Twitter,...

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Winter Weather Tips for Doulas

This winter has packed a powerful punch with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures for parts of the U.S. and Canada that hardly ever see this type of weather.  What’s a doula to do? Support and availability to clients during the winter months can present unique...

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Show your clients a little love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is usually connected with candlelit dinners, chocolate, flowers and jewelry (or so the TV commercials want us to think!). Because it’s seen as a time to celebrate romantic love, this probably isn’t a holiday that makes you think of connecting with past...

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