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Becoming a professional doula means taking care of business. We are focused exclusively on the doula profession and have been for over 25 years.

DONA International doulas build successful doula businesses based on integrity, commitment and respect. Every doula’s goals and dreams for her practice are different. Read on to gain tips, insight and resources to take your practice to the next level.

Nine Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Doula Workshop

Your doula workshop (also called doula training) is an important first step in your journey to become a birth or postpartum support professional. We asked DONA International approved birth doula trainer Penny Stansfield, who has trained over 1,000 doulas, to give us...

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Igniting Your Vision to Expand Your Doula Practice

I have a hunch that if you’re looking for information to help you expand your doula practice, you probably aren’t a new doula. You probably have knowledge, experience and even a certain level of success, but now you’re stuck, stalled or in some other way feeling lost....

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Best of The DONA Doula Chronicles 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we thought we’d share the most popular posts from The DONA Doula Chronicles this year. If you’ve missed any of these articles, here’s your chance to catch up! Thank you for making 2015 the best year yet for DONA International’s blog. Top 5...

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Referring to another Doula – Collaboration At Its Best

Recently we shared information on practice types and how collaboration comes into play in every doula practice whether solo, co-op, or agency. No matter how your doula practice is set-up, having a good referral network and making appropriate referrals to other doulas...

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Back to School is for Doulas Too!

In North America, Europe and other northern hemisphere countries, it is the time of new backpacks, school buses and new routines. While we generally think of kids and college students at back to school time, it’s a great time for doulas to continue their education as...

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Networking for Doulas

About the Author:  Wendy Scharp is the owner of Doula Love, a thriving doula agency and classroom in Portland, Oregon. She is a DONA approved birth doula trainer and ICEA childbirth educator trainer. She has been a doula and childbirth educator for over 10 years....

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Collaboration: Doula Practice Models in Action

Editor's Note: Melissa Harley, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), LCCE is a certified birth doula, birth doula trainer and childbirth educator. She also serves as the Southeastern US Regional Director for DONA International. In her doula and childbirth education practice and her...

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Countdown to International Doula Month

With only a few days left in April, International Doula Month is just around the corner. May was designated as International Doula Month in 1998 and is a great time to plan an event, collaborate with community organizations dedicated to the health of women and...

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Celebrating Doulas: World Doula Week!

Happy World Doula Week! According to the website, World Doula Week was chosen to coincide with the spring equinox which is associated with fertility in many cultures. This is a great opportunity to share about the role of doulas and the benefits of doula support. Did...

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The Birth of a Hospital Doula Program

Editor’s Note: Sujata Gami has been on staff with the Women’s Education Department at St. Francis Hospital in Greenville, SC as a childbirth educator since 2007. Her experience with the Alternative Birth Methods team she describes below has inspired her to become a...

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Make S.M.A.R.T. Plans for 2015

A new year is upon us and with it comes planning for the months ahead. While some may resolve to start or expand a doula practice (pun intended!), it’s no secret that the right kind of goals can make all the difference in what you will achieve in 2015. It is commonly...

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